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Mind & Hand: Contemporary Studio Furniture


Mind & Hand: Contemporary Studio Furniture 

This book demonstrates the beautiful contemporary furniture that is designed and made by furniture makers who are members of The Furniture Society.  The Society's conference, Fusions: Minds & Hands Shaping Our Future, convened June 16-19, 2010, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge.


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Mind & Hand: Contemporary Studio Furniture 

A Furniture Society publication, 2012.  A special thank you goes to Schiffer Publishing and Jean Aslund.

This book displays the fluid relationships when one unites mind and hand, tool and material, maker and client, technique and theory through beautiful contemporary furniture, designed and made by the men and women who comprise The Furniture Society.  Seating, case furniture and accessories demonstrate the healthy state of handmade furniture in which creativity abounds in expressive designs.  Often displaying exotic and classic woods; incorporating glass, metal, repurposed and man-made materials and showcasing useful and artistic forms, these pieces serve as great inspiration for interior design.  Importantly, new talent is very much encouraged with the inclusion of fine and exciting work from sixteen juried students.



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