Thinking Through Making

Furniture from Students, Faculty and Alumni

June 7 - June 29, 2018
CCA Hubbell Street Galleries

California College of the Arts presents Thinking Through Making: Furniture from Students, Faculty and Alumni.

In Conjunction with:

The Furniture Society Conference 2018 Nexus Perspectives on Art+Design+Craftsmanship+Technology 6/13-6/16

SF Design Week 2018 6/7-6/15

Opening Reception 6/14/18
CCA Hubbell Street Galleries
161 Hubbell Street
San Francisco

CCA was founded in 1907 by Frederick Meyer, a cabinetmaker from Germany, with the goal of providing an education for artists and designers that would integrate both theory and practice. This goal is still vital today as CCA marks it’s century long commitment to theory and practice in art and design. Thinking Through Making: Furniture from Students, Faculty and Alumni highlights the outstanding talent that CCA has nurtured in the realm of furniture design: from purely functional production furniture to conceptual craft objects. These works are all firmly rooted in craft and the making process but then navigate to wide-ranging explorations of concept, innovative production and sustainable practice.

The practical and theoretical problems makers face today resonate with the those faced by CCA’s founders who were steeped in the philosophy of the Arts and Craft Movement. How does technology, the economy and the creativity of the individual artist/designer or larger entrepreneurial enterprises, mix together to create new culture and new tools for enriching our lives? Thinking Through Making is an outstanding opportunity to see cutting edge work arising from a rich tradition created by makers from the CCA community.