Silent Auction

June 20 - June 22, 2019
Under The Stairs Gallery

The Silent Auction has become an institution at the Furniture Society conferences. Who hasn’t stood next to the bid sheet glaring down opposing bidders? And many of us have walked away with treasures still dear to us.

I started with the Silent Auction as a bidder many years ago. I don’t exactly remember how I got involved in organizing it, but it has been one of my favorite endeavors. I have loved the people who have donated and the people who have fought valiantly for the prize. But I have most appreciated that the funds from the auction help insure that the Furniture Society will endure.

This year the bidding will be open to the public and will be advertised, so there will be a wider audience for the work that is contributed. Bids will be ongoing throughout the conference, ending at 4:30pm on Saturday before the final festivities.

So, if you donated something, thank you. If you buy something, thank you. But remember my motto:

Bid high and bid often!

Kathy Sharp
Auction Chair
FS Board of Trustees

Please consider making a donation to our Silent Auction. Contact Kathy Sharp at for further details.