Objects and their stories

June 22 - June 26, 2016
Hamilton Hall Galleries (302 S Broad Street)

Opening: 5-7 pm Friday, June 24, 2016

Mia Hall - Hand Lamp Photo credit: Joli Livaudais
Mia Hall - Hand Lamp
Photo credit: Joli Livaudais

The business model in the furniture industry as well as the craft world is shifting. With dwindling numbers of galleries and other venues, the era of the single artist creating unique work has shifted as well. Design/Art currently reigns supreme in the art consumer’s consciousness, at least at the growing number of fairs and salons throughout the world. The opportunities to design for big furniture manufacturers have fallen by the wayside, yet at the same time demands for higher quality design for the masses appears to be on the rise.

Enter the Maker Movement.

It looks quite a lot like the small shop craft business model, but the languages have changed significantly in the last few decades. Small enterprise is certainly the way of the near future, ranging from one-person shops to multi-person collectives. Here’s the twist: these emerging makers often identify themselves as business people before thinking of themselves as craftspeople or artists. These new makers know that their work is entrepreneurial. They are invested in making things to build both livelihood and community, while their feet remain firmly rooted in traditions of craft and industry, but the boundaries are blurred. Unlike the traditionalist, they embrace a shared knowledge of craft and marry it with whatever techniques, tools, and technology are most effective. Handwork goes hand-in-hand with CNC tools. We are in an age of multi-disciplinary practice where makers are no longer pigeon-holed but allowed to embrace many different lives. Fluidity between the one-off and the mass production line does not lessen the impact or importance of the work. Diversity is good business, and good business is something to value. That fluidity is simply a function of the new economy of Craft/Facturing.
- Christopher Poehlmann, Curator


Peter Danko, Martin Goebel, Byron Conn, Augustus Lammers, Julie Morringello, Mia Hall, Laura Mays, Po Shun Leong, Brad Reed Nelson, Kate Casey, Edgewood Made, Sarah Marriage, Christopher Poehlmann, Scott McGlasson, Rachel Fuld, Vivian Beer, Don Miller, Tim Lewis