Jere Osgood – AOD 2002

Jere Osgood

Craftsman, Educator, Author
Award of Distinction Recipient
Presented by The Furniture Society
June 7, 2002

Mr. Osgood's award was presented by his student and colleague Thomas Hucker, who studied with Mr. Osgood at Boston University's Program in Artisanry in the mid-1970s.

Jere Osgood is a leading studio furniture maker and noted teacher of furniture and woodworking. Born and Raised in Staten Island, NY, he studied architecture at the University of Illinois but left after two years to pursue furniture design and fabrication. Enrolling in the School of American Craftsman program at Rochester Insitute of Technology, Jere studied with Tage Frid. In the sixties, Jere Osgood established his studio in New Milford, Connecticut where he made work, developed a technique for tapered, bent laminations and wrote several articles about the process for Fine Woodworking. In 1975, he began teaching in the Program in Artisanry at Boston University, where he worked with Dan Jackson and Alphonse Mattia. The program, which eventually closed in 1985, was broadly influential on the American studio furniture movement.

Jere Osgood continues to make work from his studio in Wilton, New Hampshire. He is an active member of the New Hampshire Furniture Masters Association and the Furniture Society and continues to teach workshops throughout the country.