Garry Knox Bennett – AOD 2004

Garry Knox Bennettigbk

Artist, Craftsman
Award of Distinction Recipient
Presented by The Furniture Society
June 25, 2004

Mr. Bennett's award was presented by his friend Bernice Wollman.

Garry Bennett is credited with orchestrating one of the defining moments in studio furniture history. In 1979, after finishing a highly sophisticated padauk wood and glass cabinet for a gallery show, he drove a sixteen-penny nail into the cabinet's richly polished door, and subsequently bent the nail into the surface. He managed to offend a number of collegial sensibilities with this act. His response was that he wanted "to make a statement that I thought people were getting a little too goddamn precious with their technique. I think tricky joinery is just to show, in most instances, that you can do tricky joinery."