Award Of Distinction

About the Award of Distinction

In 2000, the Furniture Society’s Board of Trustees unanimously approved a proposal to create an Award of Distinction that would recognize outstanding achievement and long-standing commitment by an individual or institution to the advancement of the art of furniture making.  The Award was intended to strengthen the fabric of the Furniture Society's community by naming and celebrating its aesthetic and intellectual leaders.

2019 Award of Distinction -- Tom Loeser
The Furniture Society is proud to announce that the recipient of its coveted 2019 Award of Distinction is Tom Loeser. His award will be presented at a luncheon ceremony on Saturday, June 22, 2019 during the Furniture Society’s conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

AOD Award Trophy Design Winner Announced! -- The Furniture Society is pleased to congratulate Fred Rose, the winner of our inaugural Award of Distinction Trophy Design Contest. Rose was chosen to create the Trophy to be presented to the Award of Distinction honorees for the next 3 years. Download or View the complete Press Release (PDF format).

Award funds received in excess of the direct program costs will be made available to the Furniture Society’s Educational Grants program, which offers essential financial assistance to Society members for professional development or projects of an educational nature.

Award of Distinction honorees:

  Tom Loeser
2019 honoree
  Craig Nutt
2018 honoree
 Edward S. Cooke
2016 honoree
Thomas Hucker
2016 honoree
 warren_bebe_johnson rosanne_somerson john_cederquist vladimir_kagan
 Warren & Bebe Johnson
2014 co-honorees
 Rosanne Somerson
2012 honoree
John Cederquist
2010 honoree
 Vladimir Kagan
2009 honoree
wendy_maruyama walker_weed michael_fortune tommy_simpson
Wendy Maruyama
2008 honoree
 Walker Weed
2008 honoree
 Michael Fortune
2007 honoree
 Tommy Simpson
2006 honoree
judy_mckie garry_bennett william_kieser jonathan_fairbanks
 Judy Kensley McKie
2005 honoree
 Garry Knox Bennett
2004 honoree
 William Keyser
2003 honoree
 Jonathan Fairbanks
2003 honoree
 jere_osgood alan_peters john_makepeace  art_carpenter
Jere Osgood
2002 honoree
 Alan Peters
2002 honoree
 John Makepeace
2002 honoree
 Art Carpenter
2001 honoree
wendell_castle  tage_frid james_krenov sam_maloof
 Wendell Castle
2001 honoree
 Tage Frid
2001 honoree
 James Krenov
2001 honoree
  Sam Maloof
2001 honoree